Saturday, November 29, 2008

Business Consulting vs. Business Coaching

Coaching evolved from a management style to a separate identifiable profession over twenty years ago. Today, there are thousands of professionals using the term “coach” to help tens of thousands of people to improve their lives. The vast majority of coaches in practice today concentrate on working with individuals to improve their personal lives. These coaches are typically called “personal coaches.”
“Business coaching” takes many of the lessons learned from the successes of personal coaching and applies them to help business owners and decision makers make their companies more successful. In addition to helping the person, the business coach is an expert in various areas of business. While coaches may have backgrounds in various business fields, a good business coach is a skilled mentor in the development of marketing systems, sales training, development of customer service systems and financial analysis. Therefore, the combination of expert business advice along with personal training, provides the business owner with not only the knowledge of “what to do,” but also development of the ability and mindset to actually perform the required tasks.
The business coach becomes an integral part of the management team of the business. Through on-going and regularly scheduled meetings, the business owner learns strategies from the coach, and applies the strategies to his business – now. The regular contact ensures application of the principles and creates incredible momentum.

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sigsoogca said...

Small business coaching is a great way to keep you and your business pointed in the right direction, planning for the future instead of focusing on the small things in the present.

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