Friday, December 19, 2008

Develop Your Marketing Calendar

It is best to have a mix of campaigns running at all times, depending upon what “season” you are in. If it is your slow season, you will need to market differently than your busy season. Your goal is to have 10 campaigns running at all times!

A business guru is on top of their marketing campaigns and knows what they are doing at all times to build their business. BUT… you may be like most business owners who have a great marketing vision but doesn’t follow through on this vision.

This is where coaching can help….

Who, besides your coach, will hold you accountable? ____________________________
(Suggestion: friend, employees, co-workers, family)

What steps will you do to make sure you follow through on your marketing campaigns?

Accountability and Follow Through Action Steps:

Verbally state your campaign plans
Visually show what you will do (calendar, etc)
Say it on a daily/weekly basis.
Have a weekly/monthly meeting and discuss current and upcoming marketing strategies that are in place.
Give staff results on the campaigns that are running, OR have them give you reports on how the campaigns are doing.
TRACK EVERYTHING!!! If you are not asking customers how they heard about you, how do you know if your campaign is working?

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