Thursday, December 24, 2009

Business Plan Package Special Only $199

Starting a Business?

Need Financing for Your Business?

Then You Need a Business Plan!!

Don't know where to start or are you feeling overwhelmed with the intensity of developing a business plan?

We can help :)

The SBCC is running a Business Plan Special

$199 for a complete business plan ($250/value)

Expires 1/31/10

Call Today: 269 370 9453

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reduce Your Hours... Make More Money

Most entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours per week, but for this example, let’s say you work 40 hours in your business. This is 40 hours of cutting hair, scheduling appointments, fixing cars, etc. The SBCC recommends that you eventually cut your hours by 20 % to use that time to work ON your business.

Working on Includes:
Marketing Strategies
Track Marketing Results
Network with Key People
Review Financial Documents
Operations Manuals/Systems
Time Management Tools

You can start by taking 2 hours a week to work “on” your business. See the results right away!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

How to Get Free Radio Publicity....

Did you know that there are 4,462 AM and 7,100 FM radio stations that give need guests every single day? Wow! That's over 11,000 radio stations that give away free air time. And 75% of Americans listen to the radio daily. Y ou don't have to be a celebrity or a "nut" to be booked as a guest. Oftentimes, you will get 20 minutes to a full hour of interview time to talk. Oh yes, a few stations have millions of listeners coast to coast.

Get on the phone and call your local stations today! You are the expert in your field and could speak on many topics about your product/service.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do I Have "Blackberry Thumb?".

You have heard or maybe even suffered from tennis elbow, runners knee, or dancers hip, but now there is a new aliment affecting business techies known as... "Blackberry Thumb" aka "iPhone Tendonitis".

What causes this new phenomenon?
It comes from excessive use of email and texting on the tiny keyboard of your blackberry/iPhone every waking hour. You Twitter, Facebook, Google, text, email, gps your next location, use your calendar, My Space, enter new contacts and calculate all to free you from hours in front of your computer! You enjoy your freedom…. But now your symptoms are affecting your efficiency.

Your symptoms will include pain when punching keys, swollen joints, and achy tendons.

The Cure:
Patience is needed as you will need time to heal.
Rest - do sit at your computer to do some of the work you were doing on your Blackberry/iPhone.
Ice- yes, good ole ice helps reduce swelling.
Elevation- when you experience pain, keep your injury elevated to reduce swelling.
Exercise- get a stress ball and use this as a form of exercise for your weak thumbs. In a matter of time, your thumbs will be back to normal!

Lisa Bredahl
Professional Business Coach

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank you Kalamazoo Small Business Design Solutions

I wasn't happy with the image I was portraying with my marketing materials. I help clients all the time "brand" their business and help them determine what is a good fit. Well, I knew that my logo wasn't a good fit. So I contacted Small Business Design Solutions of Kalamazoo and had an initial meeting with her telling her what I was looking for. After listening to my needs, she came up with a great logo for my new image.

It's amazing how excited a business owner can get by just re-inventing a small aspect of their business. But remember, your image is EVERYTHING.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Improve My Web Presence" Package

We help you develop your:
-Business Profile
-We add you to 13 sites that help optimize your business
-We will also add you to your industries web site links (up to 7 sites)
-We show you how to maintain your sites
-$200/one time package fee
-We Can Maintain your Site for additional $25/update. (monthly, bi-weekly and weekly available)

Call today: 269 370 9453 Small Business Coaching Center LLC

Friday, August 28, 2009

Using Yard Signs for your Business

Who Should: When you think of yard signs, you think of real estate signs, political signs and home improvement signs. Be unique, could your business create a yard sign campaign?

What Should My Sign Say: Avoid too many words, small fonts, and fancy fonts that are not readable from a distance. Your sign should say “what you do” versus “who you are”

When Should I use Yard Signs: If your signs are in a neighborhood where there are a lot of walkers, then spring – fall is great. If your business takes you to peoples’ homes, then pop it in their yard (with permission) while you are there working.

Why Should I Use Yard Signs: To enhance that name recognition and to market your business.

How Should I use Yard Signs: When working at someone’s home you can use a yard sign. Other businesses can ask their dedicated customers to place a sign in their yard for 2 weeks and you could go pick it up/they could return it for a discount coupon or a special coupon.