Friday, August 28, 2009

Using Yard Signs for your Business

Who Should: When you think of yard signs, you think of real estate signs, political signs and home improvement signs. Be unique, could your business create a yard sign campaign?

What Should My Sign Say: Avoid too many words, small fonts, and fancy fonts that are not readable from a distance. Your sign should say “what you do” versus “who you are”

When Should I use Yard Signs: If your signs are in a neighborhood where there are a lot of walkers, then spring – fall is great. If your business takes you to peoples’ homes, then pop it in their yard (with permission) while you are there working.

Why Should I Use Yard Signs: To enhance that name recognition and to market your business.

How Should I use Yard Signs: When working at someone’s home you can use a yard sign. Other businesses can ask their dedicated customers to place a sign in their yard for 2 weeks and you could go pick it up/they could return it for a discount coupon or a special coupon.


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