Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Do I Have "Blackberry Thumb?".

You have heard or maybe even suffered from tennis elbow, runners knee, or dancers hip, but now there is a new aliment affecting business techies known as... "Blackberry Thumb" aka "iPhone Tendonitis".

What causes this new phenomenon?
It comes from excessive use of email and texting on the tiny keyboard of your blackberry/iPhone every waking hour. You Twitter, Facebook, Google, text, email, gps your next location, use your calendar, My Space, enter new contacts and calculate all to free you from hours in front of your computer! You enjoy your freedom…. But now your symptoms are affecting your efficiency.

Your symptoms will include pain when punching keys, swollen joints, and achy tendons.

The Cure:
Patience is needed as you will need time to heal.
Rest - do sit at your computer to do some of the work you were doing on your Blackberry/iPhone.
Ice- yes, good ole ice helps reduce swelling.
Elevation- when you experience pain, keep your injury elevated to reduce swelling.
Exercise- get a stress ball and use this as a form of exercise for your weak thumbs. In a matter of time, your thumbs will be back to normal!

Lisa Bredahl
Professional Business Coach

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