Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How Can I Brand My Business?

The Key to Branding Success:

Define What the Company is, Instead of Letting Others Define Your Company. You have the power to influence people to see you exactly the way you wish to be perceived simply by defining who you are–your strengths, values, goals and personality–and presenting these points in a compelling, persuasive manner. You must express what you stand for to everyone you come into contact with. Do this constantly and consistently.

Branding Benefits:

• Differentiates you from your competition

• Creates "top of mind" status• Attracts the right prospects and opportunities• Adds perceived value to what you are selling, Charge a premium for your products/services, Increases earning potential

• Places you in a leadership role vs. your customer leading your company’s direction

• Achieve your professional goals

• Thrive during economy downturns

Ask yourself these questions:

How does my target market perceive me now?

Is that perception in line with how I want to be perceived?

Is it beneficial to my growth and to landing my next position/customer?

How can I make my prospects perceive me as different from my competitors?

Then determine what your target market expects of you.

Write down what customers typically expect of you in the type of work you perform.

The things you have done so far that have made you successful.

Lisa Bredahl
Small Business Coaching Center LLC

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